sentinel one — Purple AI
A tale as old as time, a client with a 3D appetite but a 2D budget. While working with Sentinel One, the client and the creative team had a slew of ideas of how to abstractly represent the interface of their tool Purple AI. However, most of the inspiration and references the client provided were beautifully rendered 3D animations with all sorts of lighting, texturing, and rendering that they did not have the time or budget for. Our solution was to mimic these looks, but keep everything in After Effects. With simple shapes, a little lighting, and some clever uses of gradients, we gave the client the look they wanted while keeping our files, light and nimble. 
Producers: Lili Montero, Hannah Dehoop
Motion Director: Grace Galarosa
Copywriter: Griffin Kelly
Concept Art: Lily Lin
Sound Edit: Ryan Rigley
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